HTML Breakup

This document introduces HTML and provides a map of the HTML specifications family.
Core Algorithms
This document is a reference for a number of basic algorithms that are reused across the platform.
Scripting HTML
Putting scripts in HTML.
The Browser Object Model
Some interfaces and behaviours used in browsers such as History or Location.
HTML Bidirectional Text
How to handle bidirectional content in HTML.
Core Attributes of HTML
A set of attributes available globally in HTML and reusable in other languages.
Rendering HTML
The default style sheet and general rendering advice for HTML.
HTML Parsing and Serialization
Rules for parsing and producing HTML documents.
XHTML Parsing and Serialization
Rules for parsing and producing XHTML documents.
The Application Cache
A system for offlining content automatically.
Drag & Drop
Drag & drop support for HTML.
HTML Editing
Enabling in-browser editing of HTML content.
HTML Canvas
An element and API that enables drawing surfaces.
HTML Templates
An element and API that enables templating.
HTML Forms
Forms. The bane of the Web developer brought to you in all its gory detail.
Sortable Tables for HTML
Additions to HTML tables that enable sorting.
HTML Tables and Lists
Tables, your secret layout friend! Now with added lists.
The Structure of HTML
All you need to structure an HTML document.
Styling HTML
Putting style in HTML.
HTML Metadata
HTML Linking
HTML Images and Figures
Pretty pictures.
HTML Change Tracking Elements
Stuff that's changed.
HTML Embedding
Stuff in stuff.
HTML Media
HTML User Interfaces
UI Elements.
HTML ARIA Integration
This should most likely be placed in one of the existing HTML/ARIA documents.
HTML MathML Integration
HTML SVG Integration
Obsolete HTML Features
This specification provides a dustbin for the Web.

What has not been split out or dropped (yet) can be found in leftovers.